About Us

From the Ground Up.

SCRATCH is a collaboration between ShawneeCraft Brewery and Apple Ridge Farm, two local businesses that believe in producing food with integrity and honesty. We farm our own land, we grow our own ingredients, and we brew our own beer – personalized care is taken to ensure that each of our products has reached its fullest potential, and because of this we know exactly what goes into our food.

Our two businesses have a history of working together in the name of sustainability. For example, this year Apple Ridge is using Shawnee’s spent brewer’s grain to grow mushrooms, a new endeavor. We are both strong supporters of reusing and recycling any and all goods, be it gently used machinery, or produce.

We believe that ingredients should be sourced as locally and as naturally as possible, supporting small businesses and farmers who uphold the standard that we believe all food businesses should embrace: wholesome, honest, delicious food without any additive or chemical byproduct. By sourcing locally we can also ensure that our environment remains healthy, and our community strong.

Our customers deserve to know what goes into the food they consume. Scratch restaurant is unique in that anyone is welcome to come and visit us at Apple Ridge Farm or the ShawneeCraft brewery. We encourage you to meet our employees, observe our processes, and ask any questions. We work hard to perfect our craft, and we look forward to sharing it with you.